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Ya-Ya House Of Excellent Teas: How to order tea from us


We are getting many requests from all over New Zealand and Australia to order our teas and teaware, so we've decided to offer a way for you to order from us during the development stage of our web shop.

You can order from us via email . Please list the teas and/or teaware you're interested in and we will get back to you with a confirmation of your order.

Because we import our teas directly from the source (tea estates or co-operatives of small farms) instead of going through local wholesalers, our high quality teas are distinctly fresher than other teas you'll find in New Zealand.
Not compromising with the limited range offered by wholesalers allows us to seek out rare & specialty teas personally - for you! Wholesalers supply a much broader clientele and seldom offer top-of-the-line teas. Many of our teas are produced in very limited quantities and are usually not available in the mainstream market.

Mini Toucha (Pu-Erh Tea)